Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The hole

Today I discovered the hole,
The hole in my heart,
Which pinches , which burns,
Its punch is so painful ,I crawl,
I crawl among the green meadows,
Among the scented tuberose, floating lotus,
And lily buds.
Their entrapping fragrance couldn’t trap me,
Their bewitching beauty couldn’t hold my vision,
The hole inside my heart aches,
The lump in my throat hurts,
I silently bear the bouts,
Expectantly waiting for your healing touch,
The magical touch will transform me to a cheerful persona,
You didn’t come,
Hours I wait,
Counted each second ,
The tragedy is you didn’t come,
My hole aches as the time advances,
You know very well your tone will enhance me,
Your fragrance will enrage my fairy tales,
You and I will travel in the sky to catch the stars,
Uff! you didn’t come….
My hole is burden, and aches….

1 comment:

  1. So sweet and different. This makes your writes special.