Saturday, 5 August 2017

Writers are weird?

Writers belong to the weird zone,
They form their world of their own,
Live in dreams and wild imagination,
They don’t bother for the cup of affection,
Yes,they care for a little adoration to their creation,
Even in sleep ,they search words to present their expression,
They are soft,
they are tender,
they are fragile,
they are sentimental,
they are divine,
Emotions move them,
Incidents trigger them,
Then the words flow in them,
Hence the pen runs swiftly with out pain,
To release all that being stuffed inside their brain,
They are happy personal,
At the same time cry for every personal,
Feel pain for all that is emotional,
Their pen is their sword,
For them..
Pen is rescuer,
Pen is their respite,
With out pen they hardly survive,
They are gentle with words,
Because they know their words are their treasure,
It will keep them remembering for ever.
Please tell are they weird?

1 comment:

  1. No, writers are not weird. But to be honest they are not as beautiful as their words,as emotional as their verses,as honest as their artefacts depicts. Nice write.