Saturday, 9 September 2017

All of a sudden.......

All of a sudden,you said me bye,
Went offline ,keeping me thinking the reason why,
My day became dark ,
My mind became blank,
Your rude words keep on lingering ,
Stabbing me inside, piercing my heart,
I scrolled back ,checked and re-checked my actions and words,
Trying to find out my mistakes,
which might have hurt you and you decided to part,
Parting may be easy for you,
Throwing away is more easier,
But how can I part myself from my heart,
I wanted to call you and say sorry,
But my phone went on ringing ,
You didn’t pick up, my heart started sinking,
Passing time is now stinging,
How to confess my words to you, I am thinking,
My unstable soul loitering aimlessly,
To meet you ,whether in morning or in evening,
Your traces are hunting,
I started drawing your sketch in my paintings,
To cool your anger through my carvings,
With the passage of time ,my wound instead of healing,
Became more pinching,
Today all of a sudden when you responded to my wordings,
My world started flowering.