Thursday, 7 September 2017

First Rain

After that day ,I  closed  my chapters,
This  bore the fragrance of your stupors,
I conserved all the scented letters and kept it in the drawer,
Thought, let this never see the sunshine forever,
Wrapped it with a silken cover,
Preserved it in the bunker,
Aha! to my false impressions,
 I thought ,now I am relaxed from this structure,
Of  being in love  ,now never here after,
But I when I come across the cupboard,
I  inhale the  aroma of sealed letters,
I hear the messages of humid breeze,
I heart skips for the dancing rain,
My eyes hunt for variant rainbow,
Then my heart aches, for the first rain.
The drops which doused me once,
The rainfall which aroused me the glitter of romance,
The sprinkles of first rain still blush me,
With its astounding performance.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful write,but silly mistakes hurts,you need to care for them, best of luck.