Saturday, 16 September 2017

I am sorry

I’m sorry..
Your two words kept me quite,
My pent up irritation vanished away immediately as the jet flight,
You didn’t come to our meeting spot,
Kept me waiting hours long,
Ignored my messages and phone call,
My eagerness mounted up with every foot step,
Which come closer to my door step,
My eyes were filled with your dreams,
My nose recognizes the perfume of your breeze,
With every knock, my beats speeds up ,face lights up,
My  spine chills with the undercurrent of flowering furnace,
In spite  of all my preparation ,you didn’t turn up,
My anger shot up,
I   busted out my rage  in front  of all those who were nearer,
My eyes couldn’t control the drops which are dearer,
My hands trembled  with fury,
But when you said the two magical words politely,
I’m sorry!
What next?
My ice started melting ,my fury flew away,
All those hours of worries ,means nothing to my dictionary,
Only thing concern to me is ,
You said sorry ,and I  will love waiting for you .

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