Monday, 18 September 2017

I can not move out

I can not move out….
You moved out,
shut your doors for me,
I am in the same place,
burning in your flames,
You erased the sketches ,
deleted my number,
Walked out smoothly,
as if we were two strangers,
I am stranded in the puddle of sensations,
On the verge of disgust ,
threw my mobile to the sputter,because
your smiling pic in the screen saver,
teases me,
My hands always eager to dial my darling's digit ,
It will be painful for me to delete your number
from the call list forever,
The ephemeral fire may not have burned you,
Yet the pleasure of burning will bounce me ceaselessly ,
I will cherish your memories till my death,
If ever you return then and inhale my ashes,
They will bear the smell of you.
Because I can not move out.

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