Friday, 15 September 2017

My story

One lazy afternoon,
While I am sleeping on my room,
All of a sudden some inactive neurons,
 started whispering, near my eardrum,
At first softly and smoothly,
When I ignored ,then it’s vigorous tap,
Forced me to hold my pen to jot down,
All that is expressed and unexpressed in my living room,
 The stagnant pool begin to flow from the jumbled paradox,
Which often chase me in my lonely hours,
I see and recognize every images that  comes to my dream,
Yet I get no words ,how to begin,
The low confidence in me   restricts with the wordings,
That I am not so worthy to appease praise from worthy,
Days passed and then years,
Seasons changed keeping pace in their frontier,
I see the blue sky and wonder,
Will thunder never vibrate me ,
Or my time will pass remaining  in slumber,
Surprisingly, the rain came with a broad smile,
Giving me bouts of shivering,
The sudden gust of wind tremble me with in,
My pleasures and pain began flowing,
Touching the boundaries and absorbing me in its ring,
The excitement I received is higher that my horizon,
I fell in love with the interesting filament,Poetry,
Poems Is something serious ,
I firmed this idea in the beginning,
 Now the scribblings  are my darlings,
RHYME OF RAIN  and FIRST RAIN  are my stories,
Some real and some imaginary.

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