Tuesday, 12 September 2017

O my Moon....

O my Moon….
O! Moon except you no one will understand me,
To you I confess ,to you I lay out my arms,
In front of you I react,
In front of you I act,
I am attracted to your rays,
Never give emphasis to the carters that lay,
In your bosom,
 For me it is  like the beauty spots in its optimum,
You are aware of my scratches,
You are conscious of my  dolefulness,
You know  my depth of cheerfulness,
I share every ounce  of my step to you,
As my best friend,hence,
I care your silent words,
 I search your luminous light when the dark clouds ,
Shield you during the rainy days,
I aspire to be your lover and beholder,
Who sings for you ,will  sing for you,
till my departure from the earth,
O Moon! This is my commitment to you.