Monday, 11 September 2017


I am wonderstruck with  this sensation,
So pleasant and  caressing ,that,
 my each atoms running with this vibration,
The tingling flushes is reflected in my reflection,
How it came ,how I am under it’s grip,
How I am in this  chain of bonding,
Is diverting my concentration.
It came slowly ,wrapped me in its silken robe,
Touched me and my inner chord,
Very delicately ,very passionately ,very elegantly,
Made me forget me from my whole,
My world changed accordingly,
Expectantly I wait ,hopefully I desire,
anxiously  I want the attention of the smiling Sky,
Now I want to enhance my glow,
Work hard to be perfect in every slope,
I long to swim in this perennial flow,
I enjoy   its torrential rainfall,
I get strength from its rising ebb,
The chain of affection is giving me strength,
I can fight like Don Quixote,
I can break the Great wall,
I can climb the Mount Everest ,
sail in Indian Ocean in one breath,
Encircling this beautiful feeling as my adoration,
This is the power play of the great feeling LOVE to my consideration.


  1. Beautiful write, a bit lengthy though.

  2. Love invades the very atoms of our beings.
    Your words illustrate this intimately.

    Panda whole stories have been written in poetry.