Sunday, 24 September 2017

Promise me

Please promise me dear!,
Be my neighbor in my next birth for sure,
So I can see you and ,
will sail in your ocean of love daylong,
No grumble and grievance will measures our path,
You will be only mine ,except nothing than that,
Together will drench in rain,
Watch the moon, and blue waves from our window pane,
Our hours will be only ours,
Here there will be no ray to give us pain,
We will make our castle out of golden frame,
Will request the cuckoo to sing throughout the day,
Will request the clouds to pour its shower,
With out delay ,to give us respite from all the humid space,
Together we will play hide and seek with shinning stars,
With you I can crack each and every part of the Earth,
If you are not mine now ,promise me ,
Take a rebirth for my sake in this Earth.

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