Friday, 1 September 2017

Reflections too speak

The mirror today asked me,
Why do you look worn out and why sad?
I replied, I am not in good mood and so this look,
Curiosity reached its peak, the mirror asked the next bit,
Come on dear, something might have happened,
That’s why I see your lines and blemishes,
which always hide beneath your smiling face,
Oh! why you see so much ?, I wanted to shout ,
My dry throat chocked my voice and decided to remain quiet,
But how long can I avoid its sharp glance?
Hence opened my heart,
I said, days passed without seeing him,
From last two days no messages in WhatsApp,
No messages in messenger,
I am eagerly waiting for his phone call,
That too didn’t turn up,
The news channel say,
War is continuing in border area,
Many killed, few wounded,
Some lost in gun fire,
My heart now stopped beating,
Myself in anxiety ,counting fingers and praying the almighty,
To keep him safe ,with him I am alive,
Send him soon to safety, and please stop this notoriety .


  1. excellent
    How one hurries to seek proof that your dearest is safe on hearing of such tragedies.

    I too worry about friends who are in war zones
    and pray that those in charge will come to their senses and end these conflicts. That they will turn to faith (GOLDEN RULE), to the brilliance of human hearts and minds, to the knowledge of the true value of LIFE, allowing them to find fair and healthy resolutions.