Thursday, 14 September 2017

Return Please

One ,two ,three, four ,and more,
The drops of sweat trickles from my brow,
Sings the tale of my pain, to soothe your  core,
My  attempts to cool your rage ,seems slight tough,
But   ,one day I will surely persuade you,
how deep is my love for you,
Wipe out,  the incident from your surface,
Those infuriated to carry tint of bitterness in your cleavage ,
Believe me, my intentions are never to hurt you,
Rather protect you like a pearl within my coverage,
My earth longs for your fragrance,
Every article reminds me ,your absence,
Your demure attendance will flower my barren land,
Your presence will make me sing
The aroma of yours will bring rain,
My dry eyes  and  my vacant space waits for you,
Think of me and please return to my life.