Saturday, 2 September 2017

The letter for you

The letter to you……
My dearest,
Don’t think these are only the alphabets written in ink,
Oh! dear these words are the echoes of my heart,
I print on it,
See the red ink, and see how eloquently my red heart wrote all these,
Last evening during my stroll in beach,
I missed you, your company , and ,our sweet exchange of words,
I walked with you hand in hand in fancy,
Your smiles and giggles l heard from the waves of blue sea,
You know ,the shinning Jelly fish on the beach couldn’t grab my attention,
Because all my attention was focused on thee,
The cool breeze brought bumps to me,
I started fantasying you with the whispering breeze,
I came back ,wrote some words to give meaning to this relationship,
Thought a lot ,practiced a lot to define this in one line,
After a long effort ,I concluded,
You are the incredible star of my life,
The fragrance that evoked fire in me.

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