Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Will you ever understand the depth of my feelings for you,
Or you simply say ,it’s my hallucinations ,in which I sail through,
Very coolly you answered me,
very coolly you avoided me,
I am drowned in the whirlpool of emotions,
So it is not that easy for me to walk out,
It’s because I am habituated to weave you in my thoughts,
And you ,the queen of my bosom, occupied my soul,
Your slightest knock creates thousand verse,
In my pen ,you are the source,
You are my sunrise ,
You are in my dreams,
Without you, my existence barely persists,
In silence when I murmur your name,
Tears keeps rolling on, and I cannot retain,
You will not understand this because to you ,
I am a fool ,and I should remain cool,
I will try my best to compose my foolish heart,
Which all time beeps for you ,my sweet heart.
This you will not understand.