Friday, 8 September 2017

You in the air

You in the air… 
You came as a breeze,
Touched my bridge,
crumbled all the rocks,
Swaddled me ,from the wrecks,
Cuddled all my flecks,
Polished me ,hence I am standing in the deck,
Fearlessly , embodying you in the air,
The flickering candles made me bold,
The seasonal thunder spurs the vibration in my spinal chord,
My pulsation sings galore of soundless lyre,
I dream of gleaming stars catching fire,
My earth bloomed with hisses all-round,
Garden of mine chants your name time bound,
Your canopy is an intoxication,
To sail in it, is my fascination,
You fabricate me to drench in the showers,
Enjoy the sparkles in midnight hours,
But …….you departed as a hurricane,
Crumbling me to pieces again.