Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Amrapalli-3,The boon became the curse

The boon became the curse.

Her heart ached for the stranger,
passion surged to heights,
She knew he is the man,
For whom her spirit searches day and night,
It was he whose one glance stole her heart and snatched her sleep,
She wandered hither and thither,
searched in temple, searched in forests ,searched near the doors she knew,
But all  in vain ,the trace of handsome trader no where found,
confessed her feelings to her friend Sujata and later to her Mother
She announced in a confirmed tone
that her would be spouse is the man behind the cloud,
Days passed, in waiting ,and mourning
her beauty became an agony,
Her parents were in dilemma,
Who will be the perfect suitor for their beautiful talented Amrapali,
Mahanam{Kumar Bhatt} ‘s worries drowned him to depression,
His decision to take the help of Lichchhavigan is strudily opposed by his wife,
She guessed some heartbreak,
because her daughter's perfect beauty,
Will lure many eyes,
will fire many veins,
will hamper sure sort glory,
Simple Mahanam unable to guess some evil story,
Ignorning Pramod’s word,dragged Amrapalli to the Lichchavigan,
To solve his misery to find a suitable groom for the lady this story,
Those days were different
The whole village accepts Lichchavigan’s decision,
As the very prominent,
the eminent grey dominates the stage,
thinking themselves as the men of perfection,
Poor Father unaware of their intentions,
Presented his darling beauty in the court of pseudo chauvinistic dominion…………….
{to be continued}