Monday, 9 October 2017


 My enchantress!
For you..
I am sailing in the sea,
The  sea of gaiety,
 the sea of pleasure,
Romantic adventure and the enchanting encounter.

For you my sorceress, I am in  stupor,
I could feel the high rise tidal waves ,
Crushing me ,dashing  my dock,
With its magical current,
The magnetic effect of the tide,
 Drive me into its grip,
more passionately,
More eloquently.

Ravishing waves blushing me to a new shape,
Each organ of mine,
including my worthy brain,
Is numb, reeling under the torrents of anticipation,
I am on the clutches of passionate thoughts .

In my dreams ,she comes as a fairy,
With bouquet of red rose,
With her appealing smile.
To wash away my worries,
Here I endlessly chat,
silently she nods her head ,
I want to hold her little longer,
Bit closer to my wall of imagination,
But the mighty rays woke me ,
Yet the thoughts of my enchantress cripple me.