Friday, 6 October 2017


After a span ,
The dark cloud deviated,
Its route to another path,
Her eyes which were accustomed to dark,

Witnessed brightness for the first time,
She saw her image ,in the mirror,
Quite clear, beautiful , and alluring,In spite of, some lines on her forehead ,
And dark circles under her eyes,
uff,she needs a make over,
To get rid of off all the bruises of hurricane,
That shattered her happiness,
Crumbled her, self –confidence to zero,
No more ! mourning like the pregnant cloud,
No more! Bowing her down in front of the barren tree,
Which stopped sprouting green leaves for her,
Oh !she never expected its flowers,
Only lived with its fragrance
Rather preserved those
carefully in the golden vase,
But all her efforts went unnoticed
She wanted to wipe all the dirt from her eyes,
Which is giving incessant pain to her,
She decided not to show her tears,
But …….she cannot even laugh,
Her cracks of her lips are also giving her pain....
Enough……..every thing has an expiry date,
She will smile ,smile for her ,smile for her future,
Deciding so, she instructed the cab to keep in front of a beauty parlour.


  1. Beautiful write, enjoyed fully. A lengthy one though.But superb.

  2. sadly the comment section has overlapped with your poem on this one.

    Makes reading it in its entirety difficult. Please see if you can remedy this inconvenient situation. thanks