Sunday, 15 October 2017

Give me strength

I attempt a lot to hide my flecks,
I patched up myself to hide beneath the heavy cosmetic paste,
I concealed my tears beneath my false mirth,
I want me not to remain , inside the sympathetic grip,or,
Will not hear other’s compassionate tone, pitying me,
And the advises, to re- build my life, afresh.
Years, I followed the path that elder’s lay,
I stick to the ethics and principles of God’s say,
Neither I crossed my boundary,
Nor entered the periphery of tangled sway,
I am a simple lass with less expectation ,
More romantic dreams ,less longing for salvation,
Fate played the prank,
Very painfully I accepted all the nuance.
Only because I don’t want to present myself weak,
Timid and docile while facing ,fate’s new trick,
O my God! Give me power, strength and patience,
To overcome all the prickles that come in my way,
Make me confident enough to smile ,
Though I weep beneath the dark corner of my ribs.

1 comment:

  1. Nice write,god be with you.
    Care for the gaps in the poem.Front lines became colorless.