Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Is this my infatuation?

Is this my infatuation
Or my curiosity?
If none among these ,
Then why this storm inside me,
Warming my blood and shaking my nerves,
Every day I wait to meet you in our preferred spot,
In spite of the heavy snowfall or loud thunder.
I am addicted to your aromatic breeze,
Even my alphabets are conscious of your presence in my ink,
So I wait for your gift,
To feel your existence among your handwritten few words
Which you have written ,only for me.
I want to inhale the feelings ,
Behind your note, your love,
Which I know ,you might have not jotted down,
Yet I can estimate your emotions from your alphabets.
But the delay in courier service is breaking my patience,
And I went on asking about it details,
To all my acquaintance and friends,
They too laugh ,seeing me impatient,
Can I express them my cause of annoyance.