Wednesday, 18 October 2017

My cosmic star

What are you to me?
I find no words to your query,
Nor did my words match my emotions,
To any dictionary,
I simply stood blank ,watching the night’s glory,
The stars mockingly looked at me,
The moon too smiled and whispered ,
“if your words choke ,speech unable to collect the dialects,
Then follow the drumbeats of your beep,
Sketch her picture in a canvas and see how you sing”

When I drew the portrait ,
My  emotions quell  spontaneously on the paper sheet,
With out seeing the image ,the lines rolled as preface ,
I painted her portrait as my heart instructed,
My brush followed the lines which my mind directed,
My hands followed my feelings ,which I am unable to narrate,
I painted her with care,
with my devotion and flare,
Heart started singing,
you are my cosmic star.