Sunday, 29 October 2017

Valiant Amrapalli

This is the of story of Amrapalli,

A celebrity,a courtesan in the land of Vaishali[ancient India]

Who was very famous for her beauty,

Chastity and humongous  intrepidity,

The scalar  of her audacity,

Is still counted in the golden letters of antiquity,

No narration of her identity,

Just mentioned,that she was,

Found under the mango groove in the air of serenity ,

Kumar Bhatt ,a kind personality,

Looking at the child’s exemplary rare quality,

Decided to adopt her,to fill his childless house with fun and festivity,

His wife, Pramoda ,an epitome of grace and dignity,

Accepted his decision with due respect and sublimity,

Both of them , strikingly announced her name as AMRAPALLI

Because she was found under the mango grove,

the mango –born,mango –girl,

Moderately ,Kumar Bhatt arranged feast,

Lasted  for seven long days ,

Singing ,dancing ,swinging in gaiety

 all the dignitaries and the public ,

Of nearby areas ,are very much satisfied  with Kumar Bhatt’s utmost  care and modesty,

Blessed the child with profundity,

Announcing ,she will be of great beauty…

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  1. Splendid write poetess, you took a new dimension, not satisfied reading one time. Waiting to read the next. Hearty congratulation.