Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Good Morning Message

May be I am wrong,
But this is bond is so strong,
When I wake up in morn,
First thing I see is my smart phone,
 to see your good morning message  and refresh my mood day long,
When the message is missing ,my heart starts sinking,
I start thinking what might have happened to you my darling?
Are you not fine ?why your message is missing?
All the stuffs keeps me disturbing,
I couldn’t focus on any thing,
Its all because of the absence of sweet good morning voice in the morning,
Morning to noon ,then  from  evening to night,
My eyes keeps blinking time to time  to the mobile screen,
To see you ,hear you, and to receive your lovely messages ,
Which now became my lovable wine,
So I wait ,get perturbed ,run here and there ,
Only for your message which I really care.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Just another day

Just Another Day
Just another day passed waiting for you in my way,
You came to me with abundance rain, gain
Rain water  gained  rally of delightful spray,
And I became influenced with  the  weather,
Your fragrance I captured in my soul forever,
You snatched my breath and desirably I accepted you as my soul mate,
 storm created the rift,,
You took shelter under the cozy sheet,
Leaving me behind ,waiting  for just another day.
You  came silently ,
overlooked my state ,
and went away quietly without checking the wrecks,
I tossed  and toiled in pain,
I now hear my sigh ,remember  our  laughter ,
From every corner of my shutter,
Waiting for just another rainy day.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Wish I could

Wish I could…
Wish I could check my beats,
Wish I could measure the depth of the sea,
Wish I could restrict my hips,
Wish I could control myself from climbing the cliff,
Wish I could evaluate the blue tides,
Wish I could tell my breath that I have to walk without the fragrance of its site,
Wish I could instruct my heart that now you have departed from my path,
Wish I could tell the stars that I am one among them, wide awake through out the night,
Wish I could tell the Sun to send some soothing ray in this winter day,
Wish I could stop dreaming roses and its pricks,
Wish I could dive very deep into the chilled water, to get solace from the summer heat,
Wish I could fly above and above ,never to return here any more,
Wish I could stop listening the whisper of my thump,
Wish I could really overcome all these…..

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Your two words

I became mesmerized with your voice,
Then became captivated with the sparks of your sight,
Your words magnetized me ,
empowered me to walk in broad light,
Those two words of assurance,
The two words of perseverance,
Two words preaching endurance,
Turn  me  to live in trance,
All my sentiments  softened in a glance,
Next  the melody of your guitar lured every stanch,
Your two words  enliven in me the glimmer of romance,
I started dreaming in day time, counting stars in night time,
Looming  fairy tales in bed time,
This is all because of your two words……

Friday, 24 November 2017

I want to.....

I still want to hold the strings,
Of the broken vessel,
Want to hear the sound of bygone castle,
Want to drown in the fathomless mysteries of the ocean,
Want to peep into the depth of  your  affection,
Want to listen music from all the direction,
Want to sing with you like the cuckoo in autumn,
Want to cuddle each moments in my bosom,
Want to lost myself among the sparks of your eye’s motion,
Want to hold your hands and  courageously will move for the beautiful creation,
Want to be yours  in this generation,
But  the pranks of the universe has set another story ,
Which changed your attention,
From me…………

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Strange Thing Happening.....

Strange thing happening,
Unknowingly and unconsciously I am drawing,
Towards the surprised gathering,
Exchange of laughter,
Some leg pulling,
Some jokes cracking,
Some baseless stories weaving,
Some exchange of words,
And then again waiting,
For one more dawn for the meeting,
The air too smiles,
When it sees us smiling,
The Earth too shed tears,
When it witness our souls searching solace
In the cool ice spheres,
unintentionally we are moving,
Towards the path of yearning,
Little to little pulling and resuscitating
Ourselves to a new grooming,
Taking care of each other's presence and belongings.

Saturday, 18 November 2017

when we met

We meet thousand times in thoughts,
thousand stories we weave,
thousand songs we reap,
thousand words we plan,
thousand dreams we dream,
thousand lines we prepare,

But finally when we met,
We were silent,
Beeps were violent,
Eyes were jubilant,
Legs were turbulent,
Lips were reluctant,
To express the ecstatic lines,
That because of you,
Now life is pleasant,
Days became lovely,
dreams became sweet in every evening,
Gorgeous stars became friendly,
To both of us ,and we are no more lonely….

Thursday, 16 November 2017


Too much to ask
 Carrying  so much in my heart,
I move alone in my path,
With the burden of words,
Dancing day and night,
Why really you part?
Did you ever thought of me once?
How I spend my nights?
How lately my sun rise,
How the seconds bite,
Uff! Every day I end of questioning me,
Why I think of you,
Why not I hate you?
Stifling and pinching me inside,
Like a robot I perform my duties,
But if ever I meet you in the world of proliferation,
There is too much to ask………

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

My Tribute

 Your masterly entrance broke my reverie,
You and your guitar stupefied the territory,
I followed you crossing my periphery,
The  route started glittering in my imaginary,
In all along the way I rush behind your melody,
Slowly and slowly your song intensified in my memory,
Like an adhesive and I can not debarred myself coming closer to the hostelry,
Of  pure feelings and fathomless gallery,
At last my soul found someone whose touch heighten my fantasy,
Which made me dip, made me fly, made me climb, all the rocky terrain,
Easily ,smilingly ,pleasantly  carrying the fragrance of yours in my bosom elegantly.
Hence this song is a tribute to your artistry.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wish I could go back

Wish I could go back,
To the days when we  met in the rain,
 Those were the days of amusing splashes,
The days when we use to sing with the chirping birds,
The days of collecting champa flower  to gift each other,
The days of pulling towards one another,
The days of magical  longing for each other,
and  all  those rides under the of sun –blanched globe,
The days of bunking classes and holding each other’s arm ,
Inhaling abundance of  air ,kicking the sand balls on the shore,
Those special moments curl me in lonely hour,
I cuddled it very close to my core,
Those touch of your sensitizes me till now.
Years rolled in it’s way,
But I moved with these  ,keeping it as a secret in my closed chamber it date.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

What happened to my eyes?

Don’t ask this question,
What happened to my eyes?
Yap, something troubling my sight,
Something making me unrest day and night,
I see your image in floating water side,
My heart has become stubborn,
Imprinted your carbon copy in my bosom,
After this you are asking me a million dollar question?
Why so ? oh! this is hurting my sensation,
You have become a part and parcel of my imagination,
I visualize your picture among the tempestuous ocean,
I see your curve in the river’s rotating motion,
I  hear your speech in the  deep silence of my meditation,
In  all this my eyes are supporting with utter affection

Saturday, 11 November 2017

One another

Yes! We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t text anymore,
We don’t see any more,
We are friends no more,
Still  we never forget to peep one another,
Stare a secret glance to one another,
Watch cautiously to one another,
With out the utterance of single word to one another,
Probably the lump is still there for one another,
Probably the crush still existed in a corner for one another,
Probably the feelings sometime revise old memories of one another,
Probably a hidden longing is persisting for one another,
Uff ! we are friends no more,
A secret admirer to one another.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Easy Vrs.Uneasy

Living without you is not that easy,
Staring at the blank spaces  may be easy,
Hiding behind the concealer  may be easy,
Wandering aimlessly may be easy,
Talking with sounds of waves may be easy,
Singing with the lullaby’s cloud may be easy ,yet,
Driving you out from my memory is not that easy,
Wiping out your image from my canvas is not easy,
Ripping  off myself  from everything is not easy,
Hung between easy and uneasy ,I am crazy,
I see myself standing in front of the river, hence dizzy,
Every day is uneasy ,I fight with in me to remain easy,
I try my best to look easy ,though  internally me giddy.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Just Moving on

Just moving on……
I forgot to smile,
I forgot to breath,
I forgot to dream,
I  forgot my beats,
I want to forget the land I lived,
I want forget the wind that disturbs my sleep,
I want to forget ,the cuckoo and its speech,
I  hate myself ,why I remember these?
I hate the breeze which pinch on my stitch,
I hate the flecks,  who tease on my wreaks,
But ……..but……,
I am in love with the buff,
I am in love with all  the stuff,
I cann’t move out so easily like the dove,
I hate me ,why I am still in love,
But still moving on…….

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

If Some day.....

If some day…..

If some day and some how,
 I will meet you,
I will ask two questions to you,
Do you ever remember me, after saying adieu,
If no then ,teach me to forget you,
If  forgetting is easy for you,
Then  teach me to live like dew,
If you don’t remember ,
All the words we sew,
Then surely I will erase you,
From my secret folder,where I conserved you,
If some day  …….
My memories will bring smile to you,
Then think of the countless moments,
Of mine which I shared only for you,
If some day…….
Your world will long for my occurrence,
If  your earth will long for my presence,
If the wind will whimper for my essence,
Be sure I am always for you.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How Long

How long
How long,
Will you long,
Me to long,
For you,
Don’t you think,
I long you,
Day long,
Just to talk,
An hour long,
With you .
Waiting is long,
My desire is strong,
Want to hold you ,
Little long,
Will pour ,
My heart song,
In front of you,
Long to hear ,
Your words,
Of praise,
Long to see ,
Your smiling face,
You came with an excuse,
Stayed little long,
Vanished among clouds,
Again I have to wait long,
To meet you.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Underneath the crimson Moon,
I stand unperturbed, lost in your tune,
The air whistles and gently strokes my fiery mood,
Thousand of thoughts playing unwaveringly,
Inside me, I feel the vacuum, I feel the fire,
In deep inside me ,you reside there,
I saw your silhouette in every empty space,
Behind my shadow ,I see your footsteps,
Your giggles I hear from the river’s meandering sway,
Seconds pinch, minutes pierce ,hours hurts, days curse,
That how I move with out you,
Dusk is conscious of dawn
dawn too waits for new morn,
The inferno for you is still there,
In each of dream of mine ,you are there,
will always remain in me till my pyre.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Do you know

Do you know?

You know dear  ,how I  traveled those miles?

Thinking of you and listening to music ,

And imagining you by my side,

Hours of long drive seemed so light,

I feel neither exhausted  nor my limbs ached for a while,

When I  saw you waiting for me in the dais,

As soon as our eyes met ,my  energy  ascends heights,

The glimmer of  red tinge in your cheeks,

And warmth of your smile ,tingles my arc,

So with  the hot blood flush  in my calf,

Made me  jump , made me dance with excitement,

To reach near our sweet compartment,

Your greetings and your compliments ,

Are my power booster of success.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

where are you now

Where are you now

It’s already evening,

The immaculate moon is smiling,

 the shining stars are teasing me,

Why I am alone loitering?

I didn’t feel like answering,

Oh! it’s the exultation of my beep cries,

It’s for you ,my darling!

From morning to evening,

I am waiting, just to see you,

 share with you my feelings,

Where are you now?

The moon is going to hide behind the dark clouds,

The  stars’ light is also slowly fading,

The winter wind is caressing my skin,

The goose bumps ,and the throb of my heart is fearing,

Sinking with anxiety,

Your disappearance is forcing me to weave stories,

Pinching me inside,

 I am unable to concentrate on anything,

Where are you now…