Friday, 10 November 2017

Easy Vrs.Uneasy

Living without you is not that easy,
Staring at the blank spaces  may be easy,
Hiding behind the concealer  may be easy,
Wandering aimlessly may be easy,
Talking with sounds of waves may be easy,
Singing with the lullaby’s cloud may be easy ,yet,
Driving you out from my memory is not that easy,
Wiping out your image from my canvas is not easy,
Ripping  off myself  from everything is not easy,
Hung between easy and uneasy ,I am crazy,
I see myself standing in front of the river, hence dizzy,
Every day is uneasy ,I fight with in me to remain easy,
I try my best to look easy ,though  internally me giddy.


  1. very nice write,needed a more thoughtful insight to make colorful background for your poetry instead of black. short n nice.

  2. Dealing with secret or unrequited love is unbelievably hard.

    your words project this ideally