Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Good Morning Message

May be I am wrong,
But this is bond is so strong,
When I wake up in morn,
First thing I see is my smart phone,
 to see your good morning message  and refresh my mood day long,
When the message is missing ,my heart starts sinking,
I start thinking what might have happened to you my darling?
Are you not fine ?why your message is missing?
All the stuffs keeps me disturbing,
I couldn’t focus on any thing,
Its all because of the absence of sweet good morning voice in the morning,
Morning to noon ,then  from  evening to night,
My eyes keeps blinking time to time  to the mobile screen,
To see you ,hear you, and to receive your lovely messages ,
Which now became my lovable wine,
So I wait ,get perturbed ,run here and there ,
Only for your message which I really care.


  1. Fine write about good morning message.

  2. Fine write about good morning message.

  3. when your love is absent it pulls heavily on the heartstrings and affects the calmness of the soul.

    beautifully put!