Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How Long

How long
How long,
Will you long,
Me to long,
For you,
Don’t you think,
I long you,
Day long,
Just to talk,
An hour long,
With you .
Waiting is long,
My desire is strong,
Want to hold you ,
Little long,
Will pour ,
My heart song,
In front of you,
Long to hear ,
Your words,
Of praise,
Long to see ,
Your smiling face,
You came with an excuse,
Stayed little long,
Vanished among clouds,
Again I have to wait long,
To meet you.


  1. Nice write, praise or scold the spirit, the true emotions is significant.

  2. Not satisfied in this poem. Poetess a growth is always desirable from you. But when I fill short,I will be sad.

  3. Unusual but still conveying such a intense loss

    a good piece