Wednesday, 8 November 2017

If Some day.....

If some day…..

If some day and some how,
 I will meet you,
I will ask two questions to you,
Do you ever remember me, after saying adieu,
If no then ,teach me to forget you,
If  forgetting is easy for you,
Then  teach me to live like dew,
If you don’t remember ,
All the words we sew,
Then surely I will erase you,
From my secret folder,where I conserved you,
If some day  …….
My memories will bring smile to you,
Then think of the countless moments,
Of mine which I shared only for you,
If some day…….
Your world will long for my occurrence,
If  your earth will long for my presence,
If the wind will whimper for my essence,
Be sure I am always for you.


  1. Exciting write,speechless, enjoyed.

  2. Profound. an outstanding piece
    a pleasure to read