Thursday, 9 November 2017

Just Moving on

Just moving on……
I forgot to smile,
I forgot to breath,
I forgot to dream,
I  forgot my beats,
I want to forget the land I lived,
I want forget the wind that disturbs my sleep,
I want to forget ,the cuckoo and its speech,
I  hate myself ,why I remember these?
I hate the breeze which pinch on my stitch,
I hate the flecks,  who tease on my wreaks,
But ……..but……,
I am in love with the buff,
I am in love with all  the stuff,
I cann’t move out so easily like the dove,
I hate me ,why I am still in love,
But still moving on…….


  1. Your positive poems are always splendid,saying that i should say you did justice to this negative poem also, hats up for that.

  2. Panda speaks wisely. You have done great justice to your emotions in this poem!