Saturday, 11 November 2017

One another

Yes! We don’t talk anymore,
We don’t text anymore,
We don’t see any more,
We are friends no more,
Still  we never forget to peep one another,
Stare a secret glance to one another,
Watch cautiously to one another,
With out the utterance of single word to one another,
Probably the lump is still there for one another,
Probably the crush still existed in a corner for one another,
Probably the feelings sometime revise old memories of one another,
Probably a hidden longing is persisting for one another,
Uff ! we are friends no more,
A secret admirer to one another.


  1. Yes, nice write poetess, ur pen always oozes different colors.And that's what makes you unique as a creator.

  2. I think being a secret admirer is most painful to both, parties if they share a romance.