Wednesday, 1 November 2017

where are you now

Where are you now

It’s already evening,

The immaculate moon is smiling,

 the shining stars are teasing me,

Why I am alone loitering?

I didn’t feel like answering,

Oh! it’s the exultation of my beep cries,

It’s for you ,my darling!

From morning to evening,

I am waiting, just to see you,

 share with you my feelings,

Where are you now?

The moon is going to hide behind the dark clouds,

The  stars’ light is also slowly fading,

The winter wind is caressing my skin,

The goose bumps ,and the throb of my heart is fearing,

Sinking with anxiety,

Your disappearance is forcing me to weave stories,

Pinching me inside,

 I am unable to concentrate on anything,

Where are you now…


  1. So elegantly written, but a break to Amrapalli is wrong. care about the gaps please.