Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Wish I could go back

Wish I could go back,
To the days when we  met in the rain,
 Those were the days of amusing splashes,
The days when we use to sing with the chirping birds,
The days of collecting champa flower  to gift each other,
The days of pulling towards one another,
The days of magical  longing for each other,
and  all  those rides under the of sun –blanched globe,
The days of bunking classes and holding each other’s arm ,
Inhaling abundance of  air ,kicking the sand balls on the shore,
Those special moments curl me in lonely hour,
I cuddled it very close to my core,
Those touch of your sensitizes me till now.
Years rolled in it’s way,
But I moved with these  ,keeping it as a secret in my closed chamber it date.