Sunday, 24 December 2017

Good Morning -2

Good morning!-2
Merry Christmas…..
Yeah ! today is the much expected Christmas eve,
Hence this message smiles  from my messenger heap,
The tenderness of it  thump   my curves.
I   read  it once more to please my nerves,
I read twice ,smiled thrice,then felt very nice,
In order to hide butterflies in my belly,
I decided  to be calm,
not to expose my excitement and spoil the charm,
I then carefully conceal my sparks of eyes ;
 wearing the Sunglasses  in the foggy dim light,
The loud heartbeats cries with delight,
 In this Christmas your letter is  my Santa’s prize,
I am flying in the sky dreaming to merge in the land of Paradise.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Good Morning Message-1

I saw some likes in my profile pic,
Little curious to know who among them liked it,
Saw one constant click in each of my posted pic,
Anxiety reached  to heights ,
I opened his profile to confirm who  is he?
The outline of his pic did n’t  gratify my inquisitive wit,
I dropped the idea to dig  and grab any  thought about  him,
In between calendar changed its date,
I never texted  or  never received any message,
Rather wiped out his visage from my coverage,
But  an inquiring murmur  lingers in my soft bosom,
One day I saw a small message,
Hidden among the pile of communication,
Caught my attention  hiiii,
I couldn’t resist ,replied back without checking the date,
Because the message  had come months back,
I waited for the reply,
But no,what happened to the person?
Let it be ,lets forget and move apart,
Suddenly I received a good morning wish in his reply,
I was in cloud nine,jumped from my bed with sheer delight.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017


I envy you grass…..
Honestly speaking I  envy you,
Jealous of you,
For your daunting spirit ,
Courageous and gusty  drive,
Your malleable approach towards life,
Your approach to move forward without looking back or sides,
Wind may move you to far land,
Though you are ignored in the buzzing world ,
You fly high with the wind without uttering any word,
You accept the unknown  earth  as soon as you fall on the grass,
Water dare not to drown you,
Hurricane fails to destroy your existence,
You sail smoothly in flood’s rage,
You act cleverly  maintaining your silence in each stage,
Though you often being neglected as a sheer garbage,
It’s you ,only you know your worth and your spirit to face the stumbling steps.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Life is beautiful

Life is  beautiful,
Indeed wonderful,
When I am needed by you,
 Measured as the person remarkable,
Lovable  and adorable in all fluctuations of the stage,
When my presence creates ripples in your base,
In my absence you search me in craze,
My  heart dances with jingles of alphabets,
My earth glows with the impact of the Sun’s blaze,
I sing heartily and consequently,
 my fingers rapidly runs in the piano base,
The dew drops in my chamber  evokes  a beautiful feeling,
That I am the precious in your  diary,
I wait for the sunrise ,thank  the night,
Love to be in sweet dreams,as if I touched the mirage.

Monday, 18 December 2017

It is life

It is life…..
It is difficult for me to hide,
Hide beneath the lights,
Living in darkness,
With much pretention,
So much assertion,
And the hesitation to
Walk with the mask,
Each attempt to prove my image that I am of your class,
How long will I breath in this farcicality,
Is this not true, when water evaporates,
The land without moisture is not acceptable to the grass,
It is not true, once the hive is broken, bees rush far,
Leaving their precious nectar in the same landmass,
When storm advances ,sailors are advised not to travel in the sea,
The demonic waves sees none ,spares none ,
Just march on and on……

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Are you with me?

Are you with me..
Since you took my breath,
I am fixed in one paradoxical sway,
Neither can I move away,
Nor can I remain quiet through out the way,
Certain susceptible questions cripple my mind to doom say,
Whether you intensely mean your verbs,
Or you simply utter the words to touch the waves of my shore,
Every night during my conversation with Stars,
I ask, are you really the God send or the myth for whom,
My grey trust shines golden when sun cast,
you are my mermaid, you are my fairy, you are my angle,
That is my hallucination in all of my story,
I weave verse ,I write stanzas, I hum love songs,
To please your heart,
With out knowing ,do I really beep in your pulse?
Do you feel same as I feel so?
Questions and questions ring in my mind,
Quite uneasy for me now to carry such puzzles and move in single line,
Hence to end my worries,
Convey my dearer ,Are you with me?

Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Waiting for you…..
Is  killing me…
Living  because waiting,
It is pinching,
Bit hurting ,
I am  hanging around to satisfy my yearning,
The seconds are longer,
Days are longest and month is pitiless,
Ah! In this cruel minutes your thoughts are softest,
Like the oasis in the Sahara desert,
I quench my thirst  in fancy,
I satisfy my hunger staying in fantasy,
I meet you in my castle of sky,
I hold you tight ,so that you can not fly,
 I dream and loom  hundreds of lyre,
 tolerantly I wait for you,
To share my tale of sufferings
Sometime pleasing ,the very next time tormenting,

Monday, 11 December 2017

The Enthralling Light

In the still winter night,
I am surprised to see the smile of light,
 slowly marching with delight,
I could inhale its fragrance,
I could touch its brightness,
I could feel its alluring embrace,
It’s all so soothing,
So captivating, so enthralling,
I couldn’t avoid my eyes constantly from staring,
The calm presence of it making me nerve stirring,
I want to have it ,just want  grab it in my palms,
To keep it protected from any charms,
The virgin light has created my land divine,
My excitement knew no bounds,
Spring entered to my house,
The   flowers of my pot vegetate with vagaries of color,
My heart danced and danced to mellow,
I started living and coming out from yellow,
My earth bloomed with thousand  shades,
In my winter days ,this rage is a visage to drift me out from my actual stage,
I am now addicted to its sweet beverage,
I fear If I lose it , its petite sustenance, I may be in chaos throughout the year.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

It's happening

It’s happening…..
Believe me if you like,
Or disbelieve me if you don’t like,
to tell you the truth is what I feel in this moment is right,
It’s happening, yeah! it happened,
You snatched my breath and I am not fine,
When I saw you in crowd,
 suddenly ,in that spur of the second,
my heart and breath started singing loud,
Yes its you, whom I see in my dreams,
 its you, for my heart is ringing,
 its you, for my face is glowing,
its you, for my mind is weaving ,
Stanzas to gift you as a bouquet of super rhyme line,
No wonder if you ask me for the reason  why?
No wonder if you say me crazy and then deny,
No wonder if my words seems superfluous to your regulatory line,
What to do ?How will express my view?
I am already stricken  with  this mystery of fathomless feeling  ,  
And its happening.......

Thursday, 7 December 2017

December wind

O cool December wind,
When thou ping to my skin,
The bumps in me sing,
The melody of coldness,
In its finniest  pitch,
The hot puff from my mouth swirls,
Cool feet inside the warm socks twirls,
The woolen blanket is in high spirits,
After months it is seeing our fervent likes for it,
Warm welcome to the Christmas tree,
The Christmas carol and the great Santa’s gifts,
The winter vacation and picnic trip,
Then the Christmas eve ,variety of cakes and pastries in shop bracket,
Will lure us with different shades,
The DJ night in New year’s eve , cracking the floor bit by bit,
Bursting   of crackers  and beatification of lights will sing ,
New Year is approaching.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

That Day

That day…
That day is probably the end of our day,
We never interacted after that day,
Yet missed more after that day,
Wanted to meet more after that day,
Mind became more restless after that day,
All my dreams clad with you after that day,
I started listening sad songs after that day,
Stopped my conversation with stars after that day,
I  forgot to smile ,forgot myself ,after that day,
I see your image in crowd,
 I  visualize your picture in  the posters  of hoardings,
I don’t gather rose and I don’t practice prose ,after that day,
I live just to live ,I walk just to walk,
I want you by my side, but after that day ,
I know it is of  no meaning,
You will not return and I will also not run after this inane feeling.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Before I met you

Things were different before I met you,
I use to search the adorable word in the dictionary and its usage,
I use to think it a silly game ,and a severe mistake,
I use to write the word with out profound knowledge,
I use to hum myself with melodious duets,
I use to learn the lines of romantic dialects,
I use to roam listening the songs of passionate subject,
I use to dance in the rhythm of fervent rhyme,
I use to move aimlessly thinking no one mine.

The day I met you..
My diameter changed,
My rotation is centred,
My attention sees nothing except you in my bosom,
I see your image in the Moon,
I feel your sparks in the hot Sun,
I cool myself in the windy breeze,
I remain calm when thunder strikes in front of my dome,
I could sense the rapid vibration in my nerves,
When you are near to me ,and when I hear your voice over phone,
I could realize the meaning of this vast term,
Love ,the most mysterious word I got to know.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Conversation between two

Boy- oh dear! Where have you disappeared,
The Moon has descended its throne,
Dazzling stars are making my fun,
Come soon I am waiting since dawn.
Girl- Oh dear! sorry being late,
I know you might be bit annoyed,
But dear see those hovering clouds,
For them only I created this mistake,
To come here to  meet you late.
Boy- My darling ,now  do not blame the clouds,
Should have seen the strings of time watch,
 they didn’t speak about our conference,
Perhaps you were busy with some one else.
Girl- How dare to think so,
I have  come overcoming all the obstructions,
Only to meet you,
Is this my reward I receive from you,
The abusive language and grumbling face,
No smile not even a gift,
No tea, no ice cream,
Bye Bye , lot of my work pending.
Boy- O my sweeter than honey,
Please don’t go leaving me ,see I am crying,
God Promise !I will never say hurting,
Sweetie dear you can of course come late,
I will wait for you ,simultaneously I will be chatting with other girl friend in net.
Girl- what??

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Whole Day

Where were you the whole long day?
No message in messenger,
No message in whatsapp,
Not even a single phone call,
Not concerned to inform me through mail,
Just killed my whole day,
Through out the day I checked my posts,
Surfed in net, just to get a clue of your missing tale,
Worried and anxious about your whereabouts,
Sincerely praying for your goodness in my silent bouts,
I started asking all the questions in one flow,
She smiled and whispered ,Is it?
I was busy the whole day,
I am sorry for your sorry state,
My anger bubbles vanished in thin air,
forgot my day long affair.