Thursday, 14 December 2017

Are you with me?

Are you with me..
Since you took my breath,
I am fixed in one paradoxical sway,
Neither can I move away,
Nor can I remain quiet through out the way,
Certain susceptible questions cripple my mind to doom say,
Whether you intensely mean your verbs,
Or you simply utter the words to touch the waves of my shore,
Every night during my conversation with Stars,
I ask, are you really the God send or the myth for whom,
My grey trust shines golden when sun cast,
you are my mermaid, you are my fairy, you are my angle,
That is my hallucination in all of my story,
I weave verse ,I write stanzas, I hum love songs,
To please your heart,
With out knowing ,do I really beep in your pulse?
Do you feel same as I feel so?
Questions and questions ring in my mind,
Quite uneasy for me now to carry such puzzles and move in single line,
Hence to end my worries,
Convey my dearer ,Are you with me?


  1. This is a second poem with the same title"Are you with me'. Beautiful flow, very much enjoyed

  2. An honest query from the heart! Sublime read thank you