Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Before I met you

Things were different before I met you,
I use to search the adorable word in the dictionary and its usage,
I use to think it a silly game ,and a severe mistake,
I use to write the word with out profound knowledge,
I use to hum myself with melodious duets,
I use to learn the lines of romantic dialects,
I use to roam listening the songs of passionate subject,
I use to dance in the rhythm of fervent rhyme,
I use to move aimlessly thinking no one mine.

The day I met you..
My diameter changed,
My rotation is centred,
My attention sees nothing except you in my bosom,
I see your image in the Moon,
I feel your sparks in the hot Sun,
I cool myself in the windy breeze,
I remain calm when thunder strikes in front of my dome,
I could sense the rapid vibration in my nerves,
When you are near to me ,and when I hear your voice over phone,
I could realize the meaning of this vast term,
Love ,the most mysterious word I got to know.