Monday, 4 December 2017

Conversation between two

Boy- oh dear! Where have you disappeared,
The Moon has descended its throne,
Dazzling stars are making my fun,
Come soon I am waiting since dawn.
Girl- Oh dear! sorry being late,
I know you might be bit annoyed,
But dear see those hovering clouds,
For them only I created this mistake,
To come here to  meet you late.
Boy- My darling ,now  do not blame the clouds,
Should have seen the strings of time watch,
 they didn’t speak about our conference,
Perhaps you were busy with some one else.
Girl- How dare to think so,
I have  come overcoming all the obstructions,
Only to meet you,
Is this my reward I receive from you,
The abusive language and grumbling face,
No smile not even a gift,
No tea, no ice cream,
Bye Bye , lot of my work pending.
Boy- O my sweeter than honey,
Please don’t go leaving me ,see I am crying,
God Promise !I will never say hurting,
Sweetie dear you can of course come late,
I will wait for you ,simultaneously I will be chatting with other girl friend in net.
Girl- what??