Sunday, 24 December 2017

Good Morning -2

Good morning!-2
Merry Christmas…..
Yeah ! today is the much expected Christmas eve,
Hence this message smiles  from my messenger heap,
The tenderness of it  thump   my curves.
I   read  it once more to please my nerves,
I read twice ,smiled thrice,then felt very nice,
In order to hide butterflies in my belly,
I decided  to be calm,
not to expose my excitement and spoil the charm,
I then carefully conceal my sparks of eyes ;
 wearing the Sunglasses  in the foggy dim light,
The loud heartbeats cries with delight,
 In this Christmas your letter is  my Santa’s prize,
I am flying in the sky dreaming to merge in the land of Paradise.


  1. "Curves?" Use of this word Leaves the poem not up to your writing sagacity. Write better. best of luck next time. Poem is ofline.

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  3. My ever respected poetess,a more spirituated pen is expected of you.

  4. Write in blog first to protect the copyrights of your brilliant works.