Friday, 22 December 2017

Good Morning Message-1

I saw some likes in my profile pic,
Little curious to know who among them liked it,
Saw one constant click in each of my posted pic,
Anxiety reached  to heights ,
I opened his profile to confirm who  is he?
The outline of his pic did n’t  gratify my inquisitive wit,
I dropped the idea to dig  and grab any  thought about  him,
In between calendar changed its date,
I never texted  or  never received any message,
Rather wiped out his visage from my coverage,
But  an inquiring murmur  lingers in my soft bosom,
One day I saw a small message,
Hidden among the pile of communication,
Caught my attention  hiiii,
I couldn’t resist ,replied back without checking the date,
Because the message  had come months back,
I waited for the reply,
But no,what happened to the person?
Let it be ,lets forget and move apart,
Suddenly I received a good morning wish in his reply,
I was in cloud nine,jumped from my bed with sheer delight.


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