Wednesday, 20 December 2017


I envy you grass…..
Honestly speaking I  envy you,
Jealous of you,
For your daunting spirit ,
Courageous and gusty  drive,
Your malleable approach towards life,
Your approach to move forward without looking back or sides,
Wind may move you to far land,
Though you are ignored in the buzzing world ,
You fly high with the wind without uttering any word,
You accept the unknown  earth  as soon as you fall on the grass,
Water dare not to drown you,
Hurricane fails to destroy your existence,
You sail smoothly in flood’s rage,
You act cleverly  maintaining your silence in each stage,
Though you often being neglected as a sheer garbage,
It’s you ,only you know your worth and your spirit to face the stumbling steps.


  1. A great write on a small thing grass, so minutely observed, this only a great potesss as you can do. Art at its best. Bravo.

  2. Happy n healthy new year 2018 to you n your family honorable poetess.