Monday, 18 December 2017

It is life

It is life…..
It is difficult for me to hide,
Hide beneath the lights,
Living in darkness,
With much pretention,
So much assertion,
And the hesitation to
Walk with the mask,
Each attempt to prove my image that I am of your class,
How long will I breath in this farcicality,
Is this not true, when water evaporates,
The land without moisture is not acceptable to the grass,
It is not true, once the hive is broken, bees rush far,
Leaving their precious nectar in the same landmass,
When storm advances ,sailors are advised not to travel in the sea,
The demonic waves sees none ,spares none ,
Just march on and on……


  1. Hiding,darkness n pretention all hurt,true. Time moves on but lives marks,again splendid write. Great art as always.

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  3. Your pen scattered a bit in this poem, hope better pen next time.