Saturday, 9 December 2017

It's happening

It’s happening…..
Believe me if you like,
Or disbelieve me if you don’t like,
to tell you the truth is what I feel in this moment is right,
It’s happening, yeah! it happened,
You snatched my breath and I am not fine,
When I saw you in crowd,
 suddenly ,in that spur of the second,
my heart and breath started singing loud,
Yes its you, whom I see in my dreams,
 its you, for my heart is ringing,
 its you, for my face is glowing,
its you, for my mind is weaving ,
Stanzas to gift you as a bouquet of super rhyme line,
No wonder if you ask me for the reason  why?
No wonder if you say me crazy and then deny,
No wonder if my words seems superfluous to your regulatory line,
What to do ?How will express my view?
I am already stricken  with  this mystery of fathomless feeling  ,  
And its happening.......


  1. Unique, like reading. One more gem.

  2. the recognition that one is falling love can be blissfully terrifying.

    you express the feelings so eloquently!