Wednesday, 6 December 2017

That Day

That day…
That day is probably the end of our day,
We never interacted after that day,
Yet missed more after that day,
Wanted to meet more after that day,
Mind became more restless after that day,
All my dreams clad with you after that day,
I started listening sad songs after that day,
Stopped my conversation with stars after that day,
I  forgot to smile ,forgot myself ,after that day,
I see your image in crowd,
 I  visualize your picture in  the posters  of hoardings,
I don’t gather rose and I don’t practice prose ,after that day,
I live just to live ,I walk just to walk,
I want you by my side, but after that day ,
I know it is of  no meaning,
You will not return and I will also not run after this inane feeling.


  1. This is what called expertise, nice pen on both happy n sad song.Bravo.

  2. Your words depict honestly the forsaken feelings