Tuesday, 12 December 2017


Waiting for you…..
Is  killing me…
Living  because waiting,
It is pinching,
Bit hurting ,
I am  hanging around to satisfy my yearning,
The seconds are longer,
Days are longest and month is pitiless,
Ah! In this cruel minutes your thoughts are softest,
Like the oasis in the Sahara desert,
I quench my thirst  in fancy,
I satisfy my hunger staying in fantasy,
I meet you in my castle of sky,
I hold you tight ,so that you can not fly,
 I dream and loom  hundreds of lyre,
 tolerantly I wait for you,
To share my tale of sufferings
Sometime pleasing ,the very next time tormenting,


  1. "Something pleasing...." beautiful ending to a nice write poetess.

  2. There is a powerful melancholy in this one. Longing can be bitter sweet.