Monday, 24 September 2018

Your essence

In the dim hours of the day
Your sunny entry
Brought the shine
Filled my kingdom
With smile and rhyme
Blushing my earth
With the fragrance of wine
I became intoxicated
Flattered  with your lovely essence
Doused to your  amiable presence
My petals bloomed  to  radiance
Each curve of mine danced
in the melody  of your quintessence
Unconsciously the passionate
 tidal waves of my heart started chanting your name
Slowly and slowly ,the sun of sensitiveness
    Redden with your flame.
After reaching  the peak of eagerness
Suddenly I became protective and possessive
regarding   your performance.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Ifs and buts

Between all the ifs and buts
A single line persists with a single dot
The pause with punctuation mark
As if every thought centred for one spot
But- act as if nothing will hinder without
The essence and fragrance of budding rose
If says may be one day
But says never will come that day
In between the two contradictions
A jumbled of emotion
Play their role
Mood swings
From hopeful slot to negative gap
Diverting attention to pretend for a nap
Dreams come, but not soothing
Frightens with thought provoking
In the moment of cheers
Bleeding heart rejoices with tears
As it reels with feelings
Which dwindles with lots of ifs and buts.

Friday, 14 September 2018

It's always You

It’s always you
For whom
My  world stir up with fresh air
 earth prosper with countless emotions
Heart  became  cheerful and active are my neurons
Passionate budding  smiles   with thousand anecdote
It’s always you
For whom
The spin of  my wheel  became slower
Beautiful air surged me to breathe fanatically
Sparkles of love is reflecting in my  gestures
My orbit  centred on one motion.
It’s always you
For whom
I am alertness is  possessive
The addiction towards your fragrance
is  allusive and attentive.

Monday, 10 September 2018


In due course of time 
I forgot the colour of blue
I fail to remember the fragrance of daisy
The song of  brook
Dance of rivulet,
Smile of swirling steam.
I weaved  colourful   designs in fancy
My needle was  busy in creating different shapes 
Expressing   the  feelings in an elegant way
But when lonely hours punch
I wish to run among meadows
 to merge with the green shadows
I  love  the echoes  that rebounds and returns
Quickly with equal magnitude
The  emitting smoke that come from  ashes
Reminds me of  patterns of  seven colours
Which I have lost in dark
 but search them in bright.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Once upon a time

Once upon a time
Lived two beeping hearts
They know each other
See one another
Nothing than that
They wait, share ,care,
Exchange glare
But never dared to touch
The periphery of  fire.
But when the demon of distrust
Entered to their dais
Their world fall apart…
Bitterness  crossed the threshold
And occupied the stage
Irrelevant topics burst  into flames
Immaterial  thoughts  clouded the vision
 Accusations and hallucinations dominated the motion
The  beauty of bond shattered to pieces
Sour words are used to demoralise  the image
The sanctity of purity turn to ashes.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

I will not blame

I will not blame the wind
Which passes from your side
To my side with it’s torrential swing
I will not blame the weather
and the dark clouds hovering and moving
towards your direction with the expectations
for a colourful tweet
I will not blame the sound of waves
Cuddling me with it’s vibrant sensations
I will not blame the colour green
Whose electrifying touch sparks my rhyme.
I will only blame to the moments
When the hurricane washed away our
footprints from the sand ,
Keeping me in a state of shock
my words chock my throat,
my silent lips locked with thousand lines.
Yes I blame to the tidal ebb
because I sail with you in my trail
You captured a place in the softest well
Your thoughts ,in lonely hours quell ..
Uff …but
I blame to no one…


Wednesday, 29 August 2018

The Link

What is this link?
This link …. the color of it is pink
A pure emotional string
Friendly to heart 
Adorable than other brat
Souls may live poles apart
It can Indentify the dearest’s pulse
Can recognize the strength of the knob
Expectations is the strength of the bond
Standing for each other in every front
Feelings for the special ,plays the dominant role
Heart beats catch fire
When the link is itched or tarnished
By any other royal.

Monday, 27 August 2018

Because of you

If someday my aisle will question me
Why I have changed the direction of my wind?
The answer will be ,because of you…
If someone questions me
Why my silence is louder and louder in every passing minute?
The answer will be ,because of you..
If the river will ask me
Why I love my reflection in the running water?
The answer will be ,because of you….
If the dark sky will ask me
Why I am so fond of celestial bees, the silent Moon?
I will say I exchange my words with them, because of you….
If the mountains will ask me
Why I love the echoes so much?
I will say I hear your name from words that rebound
And resonance of pleasing words crawl me down,
If the sea will question me
Why I am fond of waves?
I will say ,I travel peacefully in each ebb.
Because of you.

I hear your voices from the dark spaces

From the dark spaces
I hear your voices
I see your facet of faces
I could visualize your  temper
Your  love for me
though I know you are angry with me,
From  your each word of hurt
Indicating towards me
I realize your passion, yearning
And strong infatuation  for me
You know ,how easily you occupied my world
I have forgotten me and started sailing towards your world
Unconsciously I erased the particles from the path
Only to run with you among the green meadows
I  dared to cross the iron fences
I have become audacious enough to travel  with your reminiscences
I count our days as one of my  beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Day is special-Rakhya Bandhan

Days were different
When we were tiny tots,
Days were different
When were teen buds
Days are different
When we started thinking
We have grown up old,
But now
Day s are special
When we have fun,
Days are special
When we share the bun,
A day is special
When we celebrate our bond,
A bond
From birth to death
A relation
Which knows our depth
A feeling of comfort
Even in distress
You will be there standing for me
With your smiling brace.

Friday, 24 August 2018

If ever we will meet

If ever we will meet
I want to ask you a million speech
Why and what will be asked trillion times
If and not will be the questions to you, to baffle your mind
If ever we will meet
I assure you
First we will fight verbally
Secondly we will laugh heartily
For the follies and the arguments
That triggered our bullets towards each other side
If ever we will meet
I will make you aware of my sleepless nights
The disturbed thoughts which crippled my stride
My state of dwindling ,among the fathomless stars,
The lonely hours and the wishes for your presence.
If ever we will meet
I will show you the faded color of rainbow
I will make you count the thorns which etched my elbow
I will show the carving ,where your impression is preserved
With utmost care from morning to evening

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Mobile message

A sentence all of sudden flashed
On my cell phone app,
“Do you remember me?”
Baffled and confused
I wind back myself to recall
With those words
Sounds bit familiar
With the sender’s number new
Messed up with thousand views
I preferred to keep quiet and decide to watch for further view
After some minutes again
A note pop up to screen
Addressing, “Hey busy lady!
Do you remember this buddy ?”
I started scrolling
the list of recognisable sounds in my mind.
Imagination failed ,tired is my timeline
I waited again for the next slide
Suddenly the word BUSY struck to my brain
Who is the sender who addresses me
With this word of stress and strain.
Ah! Yes I remember
Long back I had a friend,
Who frames funny words regarding my name
He is the creator of busy mystery.
Alas! I couldn’t bring back his name
It’s a long gap
Connection lapsed
His name erased from my list of familiar snaps
Yet his funny words linger often and bring cheers to my heart.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

I hear your silence

I hear and feel your silence
From the hustle bustle
From the rumble tumble
From the up and down
Of curves and lanes.
I feel your presence
From the thunder and sound
Which thumps loud in my vein.
I recognize your footprints
Pounding heave
Your quietness and tender beats
I know you care for me
Though you accept silence towards me
You love me or not ,I cannot predict
But yes ,I guess
Your heart beat too beats my name.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Your Words

Your words bring sudden uproar in the sky
my sluggish neurons became active
tingling sense in my veins speed up my blood flow
My eyes are full of spark ,
Lips are searching words
To describe my thumping heart.
My limbs are ready to dance in rain
Heart weaves verses to unleash the pain.
Energy and strength I get back
From the two smiling words
Of yours
Which you wrote in a blank sheet
And kept it in the cupboard for me to read.
The words made me fly
Without wings also I sail in the blue sky.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Perfect Meaning

With a brush in my hand,
I attempted to paint the red sunset
I  tried a lot to draw the perfect picture of the famous Hamlet
I soaked the canvas with varied dialects
I dipped my brush in blue ,red, yellow, green, red to dye the fragment
Yet  …after my effort ,I failed to depict  the perfect  portrait  of the ethereal subject
The color is vibrant  and radiant
Much above my imagination
Beyond all  the demarcation
Higher  and higher than the boundary of limitation
It only visible and audible to sensation
And its rhythm is felt in vibration
Its soothing ,
It is cooling
It is burning
It is hurting
It is dying,
No …No words can justify  the perfect meaning.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Unexpected surprise

Is this not an unexpected surprise,
You reside in the empty spaces of mine
Bothering me time to time,
Sometime your laughter pinches me
Then  the emptiness kills my time,
I  will not scream  in the crowd,
The storms in me is giving me bouts,
It becomes hard to sail in ocean loud,
I wish I could turn the table round
I dream to hold you and never leave you to move around
Things are moving on ,as destined
Thing of past  fortuitously  blinks
Future is unseen, and without  you
I dare not to dream
The cherished moments  of ours
May be hurting, yet I live in it somehow
Even today when the rain drops kiss the earth
When the sunrays kiss the green branch
I see you in my heart
Smiling and blushing as you  were in the past.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Our story ends here?

Our story 
Containing mystifying folders
Unusual  raptures
Intensifying  passions
Combination of  emotions
Fear  of loss and burning sense  of admiration
Moments of concern
Conscious of the demarcation
Aware of  one other’s pulsation
Breathing air in the paradoxical situation
Little argument and then prize of consolation
A  transitory  break to judge our position
In each other’s beating ,justifies our affection.
Our story ends here?
Or  some chapters yet to be added
About the fluctuation
Among the waves of ocean
Or   some extra episodes  to be enacted
To present  how deeply  we are bound to obligation.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

In the night

In the night
  I talk with the nocturnal images
  the shapeless images  ring the bell
of some pent up familiar designs
flipping  their wings in the cloudless horizon
The Moon is the witness
Of my sigh and  is the spectator
To notice that a piece of me
Is  missing  in the constellation,
I express my sigh
My sentiments  to the stars
The luminous  lights nod their head
The music of  night  flickers
 the tone of melancholy line
A piece of me is lost in the night sky.

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Whispering Wind

Two  heave for the pulsation
They hear sound of sensation.
From the whispering wind ,and are,
  Observer ant , to the air of emancipation
The melodious air sails them to  far off isle,
There they set up a  castle of transparent  glass
Unlike the sunlight ,the moonlight too  ascends
 Its  place ,butterflies   dance on lily base
Both   smile and hop ,together  rear in grace
Forgetting the earthly domain,
Erasing the lines and curves that come between their way
Wind is whispering the symphony of affection,
The  longing souls  are wandering  to find out  route of expression
To enter into each other’s soul  with  perfection
The air whispers the tale of romance,
Lovers  are roaming in the dreamland
 to watch the day sun
Careless about the staring moon
But addicted to the whispering wind
The driving wind  is creating craziness in their  hearts

Friday, 3 August 2018

Silent Lips

In my silent lips you stay
Among the noiseless clouds you buzz
Behind the shade I see your shadow
From the rustling breeze I hear your echoes
Wrapping  your fragrance in silence
I remember all the smiling letters
Of our mutual passion..
While remembering I erased the dark circles
I  refresh myself  only  with the colors  of rainbow
When loneliness shrieks  for your presence
I  choose my beats to sing  of your essence
Rolling hours  is conscious of the difference
Yet  to me you are the fragrant  tempest
And  you live in my quivering lips.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Unusual Link

You tiptoe softly to my world
Like the pleasant sunshine
Douse my earth with your radiance
Clasping  the wind with your fragrance
My domain is blossoming with the delicate  glow
I am under the grasp of wine
Sweet ,melodious and divine.
The red rose petals are on the air
Forming  the ambiance with its beautiful shower
The buds are eager to bloom,
Curiosity  in heartbeat  is rising and falling
Eyes searching  for the soothing   drizzle
Mind and heart  are attentive and alert
To hear your soft knock
To dance  with the sweet rhyme
Anxious is the breath to clasp the breeze
An unusual l link between you and me is developing.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Singer -your song

Strange! You may say to me,
How could I study thee?
I am listening to your song,
Following your lines from bottom to top
With each word you pause
you change your voice according to the note
Sensitive to lines and attaching to your core
I could sense your passion
Yearning to present the song with perfection
I feel from the voice modulation
A beautiful paraphernalia of adoration
dedicating each lines to your dearly loved fascination
Cuteness of the words
Which you croon are resounding with vibrations
The song meant for whom?
Is gathering likes
Bringing smiles and twinkle to many eyes

Thursday, 26 July 2018

The sound of bell

The sound of the bell inside the sea shell
The echo of the tone outside the iron trail
Ringing loudly yet pleasantly
Capturing my body and mind
Towards the direction of the melodious rhyme,
Little by little I am on the grip of intoxication
Bit by bit I realize my palpitation
Slowly and tenderly I am conscious of my addiction
Some where in the mist ,you are always in my imagination
Keeping you in thoughts I sing
Keeping you in dreams I dream
Keeping you in mind I evaluate
The days ,hours, minutes and seconds
Sometime in a string
At times some scattered thoughts ring
Making me smile to all the happenings.
Its all because of that sound of bell that is ringing.

Monday, 23 July 2018


The shadow I see in the evening,
Is  faintly visible to me in the morning,
Afternoon  blues  signifies it’s always with me
Smiling and weeping  ,living safely
Among the darkest closet
Unharmed ,refined ,elegant and divine.
The  buzz of trumpet,
The melody of buffet,
The ringtone of gazette,
The sweet music of cascade,
Are all aware of my snippets,
Here I and the shadow mysteriously
Play  the paramount role
Weaving dreams of thousand ifs and thousand buts.


Sunday, 22 July 2018

When You

When You swirl in my memory
The stars inside me dance,
When your thoughts twists and turns in remembrance
The sunshine craves for romance,
When your breeze gently strokes my hair
The air generates fire,
When the droplets damp the steps
The sky whispers craze,
When the flowers swings ,
The cuckoo look for its lost beverage,
When the rain comes
The lightning strikes the chord,
When the elegant cascade stops for a while
The string of togetherness ties knot to move back and fro.
When the ebb roars,
The waves radiates with your glow,
When winter covers the horizon
The sky whimpers with recollections.
When you ignite flames.
The jungles is in blaze
When the pen asks for splendid ink
The alphabets demands for you in the swing.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Unlike You Dad

Unlike you Dad.
Unlike you Dad
I am stubborn
Emotional , sensitive
And bit withdrawn.

Ten years since you passed
I searched your foot prints in the mass
Wanted to be like you ,
smart and dashing
Intellectually active with broad prospective
Full of patience , less reactive
Decisive and impressive
I failed..and often wonder
why I cannot be like you?

Every words of you linger in your absence
I try to incorporate those words to my pages
Feel proud to be your daughter,
After all you are my great father
In between the time’s ebb,
A lot of chances has taken place.

Probably things would have been different
If you would have been alive…
At least Mummy would be smiling
Would be preparing food you like with utmost care
Will be standing ,walking and sitting,
In fear of your scolding.
Alas ! these are the dreams

Dad!I am not unlike you in stature
Yes, I love you
Respect you
Adore you
As you are my incomparable Father.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

My sensitivity

Thoughts when surge,
I ramp on some plots
I roll on and on with the bygone slots
Hot blood rush from bottom to top
Warm face and cold feet take asylum,
Of some distraction to keep me fit
I present myself cool
Though inwardly I stroll with thousand thoughts to rule.
I feel the vacuum ,
I miss the absence,
I abuse the incidents,
I accuse the moments,
Then I realize your presence.
I am standing on the cliff
Carrying your essence
With the belief of positivity
And some aspect of negativity ,
You are very much alive
In my sensitivity.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Umbrella speaks

Heaven is pouring heavily
Inside the concrete foundation
My beloved is snoring loudly
Keeping the doors closed
Windows shut
I am waiting to damp in the wet weather
And to become shelter to the beautiful suitor
She is probably not conscious of my apprehension
I weave some magical thoughts in this magical foundation.
If I go out with her…
I will be her shelter
I will enjoy the beauty of her tresses wet in the rainwater
Droplets will radiate in her silky skin
Her lips will utter incredible lines of pink
I will be the one to get pleasure of her crimson beep
Alas! she is sleeping…

Monday, 16 July 2018

The Revival

I wiped the dust from the meniscus
The earth around looked beautiful as such
The rain added gloss to the lush green bush,
The tickling droplets from my dry roof
Is invigorating the fresh leaflets in my hedge
The dampen wings of mine
Revives and rejoices
Dances and sing verses
I leap now miles without break
Without staggering
Without stammering
Facing the wind
Sailing in the ebb
Crossing the fire
With the silent rage
Horizon explores
Criticism deplores
I move on and on to run,
Among the meadows
Among the shadows
Counting fingertips
Tapping my footprints

Thursday, 12 July 2018

see you in dreams

See you in dreams.
Let’s meet in the dreams
Here no time string
No obstacles to ring
No tantrums
No quarrels
No mood swing in the melody
Only you and me
Will live in the paradise
With the honey and luscious rhyme cladding the breeze
Clouds will cosset our brim
Stars will sing and the moon will dance
We will live our moments with romance,
Forgetting the world around
Cherishing the delight
Enjoying each other’s company
Like we never found

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

His question and her answer

He said-
I absorbed you in my heart,
With you the color of the blood becomes dark,
The depth is not measurable,
The platelets carrying you is not countable,
The wandering thoughts of mine succumb to one parable,
You featuring prime in my fable,
And you dear …
You are not considering this as notable
and quite forgetful towards my emotion.
She said..
Words you spoke is gentle.
Touch my bosom like the electric cable,
The current is spreading its effect in my system
So my focus has changed it’s dimension
I too feel amiss in my vision
feeling relaxed after hearing your confession,
Now my question to you is…
Does blood become thicker when someone occupies your nectar?