Friday, 19 January 2018

Chitrangada -3

{Chitrangada speaking to her maid Sujata}
I Chitrangada,princess of Manipur,
Is confused, words choke my throat,
And I am bemused,
Come my dear Sujata, suggest me,
To come out from this confusion…….
When I met Pandava hero,{Arjun}
My shivering hands forbid me to throw any arrow,
In the disguise of man also,my eyes were fixed on his stature,
The pounds of my heart started crying,its he …
Its he……he is the man ,who will give shape to your future,
I returned, but you know Sujata,
I left myself there,
I lost me somewhere in the warfare,
His deep blue eyes imprinted mark on my heart,
I want to touch and kiss his firm fingers,
To express my feelings ,or you can say my infatuation,
Were so strong that my heart wanted no restriction.
His harmonious voice is still persistent in my ears,
Yes,dear Iam completely soaked in the ocean of obsession.
Say Sujata ,Am I not beautiful
Or I don’t have the potential to become a part of that great hero,
Don’t I have an alluring shape to grab his attention and similar to me,
My feminine curvature is not intoxicating to pull him towards me?
See dear ,the stars mocking at my disheveled face,
Moon also turns his side ,as if my strides were unable evoke flames in their chest,
How will Arjun then accept me as his mistress?
{The story of Chitrangada comes from the epic MAHABHARAT.She was the wife of Arjun ,the great Pandava warrier,was abused of treachery by her husband.She was the princess of Manipur.Arjun left her and went away .The lady of courage and great archery skill brought her son Babruvahan single handedly. Babruvahan later defeated Arjun in a war.


  1. Beautiful write but u can make a book of it then why u write it on blog n fb. My ever respected poetess its better to focus on book writing

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