Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Chitrangada's promise

I ,Chitrangada is abused,
Misunderstood and accused,
My chastity is questioned,
My serenity is doubted,
That’s because of me belonging to the weak gender,
So filthy language like bar girl is  added to my image.

No,I will not open my mouth,
To clarify the truth,
You{Arjun} ,how could you judge me such ,
With   mistakes of mine not much,
I was the creeper ,whose soul  moves only with  you,
I was your adorer, and beloved too,but,
You threw the whiff and  left  me with the grains,
I prefer to remain calm and quiet,
Crying and absorbing my tears with the rain.

Inside my womb,plays your boy,
Very diligently kicking and pushing ,
The walls of watery gel,
Little did he know about his mother’s trail,
I will not open your identity to him,
You will one day recognize him by your own,
As your son,this is my vow  and promise to the world known.
{The story of Chitrangada comes from the epic MAHABHARAT.She was the wife of Arjun ,the great Pandava warrier,was abused of treachery by her husband.She was the princess of Manipur.Arjun left her and went away .The lady of courage and great archery skill brought her son Babruvahan single -handedly. Babruvahan later  defeated  Arjun in a war.


  1. Arjun was a great devotee of Srikrisha(incarnation of Lord Vishnu). He was so worthy a devotee that the lord chosen him to be the first listener of Shrmad Bhagawat Geeta. So when a divine being as Arjuna accused there was certain reason behind. Good penwork poetess.

  2. A person is known by the company he/she keeps. The company of Arjuna was Srikrishna all his life. Nice to see a new theme. Your blessed poetic sagacity deserves many more.