Thursday, 11 January 2018

Co -incidence

This may be a co-incidence,
Or twist of fate ,which made us,
 meet in  the crowd,
Even in the buzz ,
our heart is familiar to each other’s core,
So  beats of us  skip  in galore,
Down from our nape amusing current flow with rapid speed,
Which makes our face turn to pink,
 our eyeballs is accustomed to read  our pound,
Tight lips attempts to hide our pleasing sound,
Along with the melodious breeze our heart murmurs,
Our limps  chase  the salsa rungs,
Co-incidence may be the cause,
Unexpected meeting changed the color of our floor,
Except us we hear none,
Except us we see none,
We expect let this co-incidence happen daily.


  1. Except us we hear none,
    Except us we see none,'sweet flow, short and enjoyable artifact.

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  3. Oh how cherished this new found love. excellently expressed!