Saturday, 27 January 2018


Some pink pages,
Some green alphabets,
Some blue feelings,
Dance in my red blood vessels,
Keeping me wondering how time passes,
I am still the same child running in hedges,
Often mistaken to reach the destination without wedges,
In the  spring ,the cuckoo,
In the sultry noon ,the fragrant champa,
In the winter chill ,the yellow marigold,
In the autumn ,the cool breeze,
Time to time grasped me in its grip,
I lost myself in them and again time turns it table to show me a new reign,
Heart breaking and the soothing rain,
Both simultaneously comes and fades in weather’s game,
I enact and enjoy my place in every splendor,
Some I learn ,some I follow ,some I adopt ,some I accept,
Then I carve it sharp in my blank pages,
With the help of dark ink  penning  unforgettable moments.


  1. Extraordinary writing, splendid thought. I don't think many can write so beautifully. Hats up.