Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Where are you now?

Where are you now?
Not visible in this fog,
Your steps not audible in the chilled road,
Cool breeze whispers in sad tone,
Hot breath whimper and look for you in every lane,
Your disappearance is giving me bouts of pain,
Unable to suppress my anxiety in this realm,
Each second I count,
Each minute I measure,
Each hour is my journey,
With out you each day is lonely,
I visualize you in my dreams,
In my fantasy island ,you and me live,
Like the princess and prince with no riff,
In the garden of heaven we sail in the golden ship,
Dreaming ,giggling ,enjoying the ride in sleep,
Oh ! I am in dreams….
I hope you are somewhere near the scene,
Come back dear ,
Your arrival will return my spring.


  1. Beautiful write, a write worth new year. Happy n healthy new year 2018. Background black is disturbing sights of reader. Care it please.

  2. I always comment to the merit and demerit of the poem keeping in view a growth in quality. Don't treat positive criticism as discouragement or leg- pulling, they are meant for your betterment.


  3. *बहुत निःस्वार्थ और बडा दिल चाहिए समालोचवा करने के लिए।*
    *लेकिन उस से भी एक सुंदर और बडा दिल होना चाहिए इमानदार समालोचना को कबूल कर उसे अपने फायदे में लाने के लिए।*

  4. I pray this new year brings you the rewards you deserve, having rewarded us with your natural abilities. Look forward to more of your works!