Monday, 22 January 2018

Your Bye

My hands were shivering,
When I waved you bye,
I want to stop the time,
Wanted to revert the strings,
Of watch to spend more time,
With you ….
Even though....

Lips parted to say bye, but
Breath choked my beep to cry,
Unspoken words stirrup my throat to dry,
Limbs stagger,
When your figure disappeared in the marathon run,
I stood there finger crossed,
The sudden vacuum is making me numb,
Unknown fear gripping me to paralyze,
I struggle to hold tears,
As I don’t want to reveal my expression in crowd,
you are my prime concern ,
Your bye is my utmost depression.


  1. Splendid write, your effort to proceed towards rhythmic verse
    writing is a welcome step, hope you will write rhythmically in coming verses. Enjoyed.

  2. your verses stir the corresponding emotions in the readers being.