Monday, 5 February 2018

My Feelings

My feelings for you is
Strange but true,
My blank spaces shriek for you,
It is you,
Whose alphabets sing and dance in my thoughts,
It is you,
Who sprayed dew ,brought rain, activated fountain,
In my inactive domicile,
I started feeling new,
Flying in high horizon,
Demanding like a child,
Jumping seeing your profile,
Wanted your attention all while,
Thinking you are only mine,
My ink is still dipped with your thoughts,
My dreams bear your spots,
Stars started calling me crazy,
and the Moon accepts me as his buddy,
my insanity was in heights,
When you robbed me,
When I am no more mine,
You left me …..
Crazy ,dizzy ,and I am waiting ,
For you in the dry meadows
sipping your memories as my wine.


  1. Splendid write, nice flow. You know how it happens huge gaps disturbs the beauty of the artifact. First lettes of all lines are not seen. You need to care an editing.

  2. I always give sincere suggestions but you never accepted them, still I give. Do you know why? My job as a reader is the betterment in your work. Krishna Ka charandas hun Na pabitrta to rahega hi.

  3. Garnishing is a significant part of serving.

  4. Lopamudra the poem is a delight! The aching with longing for a missing lover is very evident.

    Your are right Pradipta the first letters are butted against the edge of the page making them difficult to read. It detracts a very little from the over-all quality of the work!

  5. I enjoy reading your poetry. Thanks for publishing it.